Member meetings

Do you feel that you have a valuable contribution to make to our sport, have the skills and attributes and experience detailed in the role description and have time available to commit to British Eventing? Then you may wish to consider applying for the role of a BE Director. 

Nominations are currently closed.

The results of the Director Elections at the 2018 British Eventing AGM:

Number of members who voted: 1,409 (11.1%)

Jane Chewins - 56 votes (2% of votes)
Simon Blake - 372 votes (15% of votes)
Suzannah Cotterill - 508 votes (21% of votes)
Christopher Tattersall - 581 votes (24% of votes)
Nigel Taylor - 953 votes (39% of votes)

Christopher Tattersall and Nigel Taylor are duly voted on to the British Eventing Board.

The results of the resolution to reappoint Saffery Champness as the auditors:

For: 1279 
Against: 61