The Board is supported by a number of committees who review and propose rules, regulations and initiatives to the Board for their consideration and approval. The committees are chaired by a Board Director or co-chair if the need arises.

Finance Committee  

Tim Holderness-Roddam 

Finance Chairman
Fiona O'Hara  Board Director
David Holmes CEO

Wendy McGowan 

Renee Groeninx  Secretary


Sport Committee  

Les Smith  

Sport Chairman
David Holmes  CEO
Wendy McGowan  COO
Debbie Pritchard  Sport Manager
Alexandra Bright  Assistant Sport Manager
Jonathan Chapman  BE Safety Committee Chair
Jonathan Clissold  National Safety Officer
Bruno Brennikmeijer Regional Coordinator 
Richard Waygood World Class Performance Manager

Jan Cottam 

BEOA (British Eventing Organisers Association) Representative
Bruce Haskell  ERA (Event Riders Association) Representative
Mark Corbett  EHOA (Event Horse Owners Association) Representative
Helen White  Grassroots Rider Representative
Emily Pugh-Lewis Secretary


Training and Education 

Jane Peters 

Training & Education Chairman
David Holmes CEO
Sean Maxwell  Training & Education Manager

Sarah Hamlyn 

Regional Coordinator/Official
Fiona Saxby  Regional Development Officer
Debbie Pritchard  Sport Manager
Sam York Coach Representative



Nigel Taylor 

Chairman and Senior Selector representative
Alex Colquhoun  Young Riders Chairman of Selectors
Darrel Scaife  Juniors Chairman of Selectors

Jill Barker 

Ponies Chairman of Selectors
Richard Waygood  World Class Performance Manager
Sarah Verney World Class Podium Potential Eventing Manager
Andrew Chadwick CCI3*-S European Cup British Team Manager
Cathy Butler  EHOA Representative
Gemma Harriss  Secretary


IT Transformation Project (ITTP) Steering Group  

David Holmes 

CEO (Project Sponsor)
Wendy McGowan   COO
Andrew Kirkby  CIO and IT Manager

Nisha Punj 

Project Manager
Debbie Pritchard  Sport Manager (R2 Product Owner)
Olivia Szajna   Marketing Manager (R4 Product Owner)
Sue Thompson  R2 Subject Matter Expert


Commercial and Marketing  

Jude Matthews 

Commercial and Marketing Chairman
Chris Tattersall Board Director
David Holmes  CEO
Wendy McGowan COO

Rob Pope

BE Commercial Consultant
Olivia Szajna  Marketing Manager
Clare Walkeden  Sponsorship Consultant
Sarah Dow Industry representative 
Sharon Kennett Industry representative
Paul Bentham Industry representative
Alastair Clifford-Jones Industry representative
Harry Meade Rider Representative
Laura De Wesselow  BEOA Representative
Stuart Buntine  BEOA Representative
Mandy Hervieu BEOA Representative
Eryn Wilkinson  Secretary