Accredited Course Designers

Accredited course designers are divided into three basic categories, differentiating the level at which they can design courses:

List A = Can design Advanced courses
List B = Can design up to and including Intermediate courses
List C =  Can design up to and including BE100 courses

Course builders and designers are split into having either professional or restricted status (with the exception of Bronze level builders, who are all restricted due to their level of experience). A professional builder or designer can build or design at more than one event venue, while a restricted builder or designer can only build or design at one venue or at nominated venues under the mentorship of a BE Accredited builder or designer at a higher level, or a Technical Adviser (TA)

List A

Name Contact details Address
Benson, Sue N/A N/A
Brickell, Scott N/A N/A
Buntine, Stuart N/A N/A
Clissold, Jonathan N/A N/A
Ditcham, Adrian N/A N/A
Etherington-Smith, Mike

01295 788492 / 07738 183099

Dower House, Sibford Ferris, Banbury, Oxon OX15 5RA
Evans, David

07808 933186

Chestnut Cottage, Middle Aston, Bicester OX25 5PZ
Fell, Andrew N/A N/A
Herbert, Philip N/A N/A
Lochore, Alec

07710 518835

2 Gate Cottage, Field House, Brancaster, Norfolk, PE31 8AG
Lochore, Hugh N/A N/A
Phillips, Capt Mark N/A N/A
Plant, Mrs Janet N/A N/A
Stark, Ian N/A N/A
Taylor, Nigel N/A N/A
Winter, Eric,

01291 621676

07932 197366

Severnvale Equestrian Centre, Vale House, Tidenham, Chepstow, Monmouthshire NP16 7LL

List B - Professional

Name Contact details Address
Etherington-Smith, Charles N/A N/A
Grundy, Simon  N/A N/A
Heffernan, Andrew,

07971 018474

Stoneycroft Holmes, Chapel Road, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 4SW
Hunter, Andrew N/A N/A
McCarthy, Lucy (née Wiegersma)

01837 810209

07967 671114

Warren Farm, Highampton, Beaworthy, Devon EX21 5LL Tel
Merrett, David N/A N/A
Smales, Angus N/A N/A
Tait, Blyth N/A N/A
Wallin, Graham,

01277 899296

07836 276579

2 Poplar Cottage, Berners Roding, Ongar, Essex CM5 0TF
Watler, Mark N/A N/A
Weller, Joe  N/A N/A
West, Helen

01395 441162

07967 111437

Bicton Arena, East Budleigh, Budleigh Salterton, Devon EX9 7BL
Weymouth, Douglas  N/A N/A
Willis, James N/A N/A
Wilson, Peter  N/A N/A

List B - Restricted

Name Contact details Address
Bennett, Timothy Please see builders list N/A
Collins, Peter N/A N/A
Galbraith, The Hon Heather N/A N/A
Hardwick, James N/A N/A
Innes, Jamie N/A N/A
Lochore, Polly N/A N/A
Munden, Michael N/A N/A
Sayer, David N/A N/A
Sayer, Robert N/A N/A
Sturgis, Beanie N/A N/A
Tabor, Nigel N/A N/A
Ure, Tina N/A N/A

List C - Professional

Name Contact details Address
Herbert, Guy N/A N/A
Hunnable, Chris N/A N/A
Hunt, Lloyd

02476 303094

07976 273289

17 Moat Close, Bubbenhall, Coventry CV8 3BX
Lawrence, Dominic  N/A N/A
McSkimming, Robert  N/A N/A
Nicholson, Moray Tel: 01325 374786 Tel: 07801 150948 Email: Glebe Farm, Manfield, Darlington, Durham DL2 3SZ
Shipton, Judith N/A N/A

List C - Restricted

Name Contact details Address
Badger, Chris N/A N/A
Carpenter, David N/A N/A
Oakden, James N/A N/A
Taylor, Richard N/A N/A