Hopetoun Estate, ., Edinburgh, South Queensferry, West Lothian, United Kingdom, EH52 6PZ


Saturday 14 to Sunday 15 August 2021

Organisers and Secretaries

Event Organiser - Mr Bruce Edward

Course description

All courses are designed to be flowing and up to height using natural undulations, running over mature parkland. The course will include a mixture of permenant and portable fences.   
Showjumping on established grass.

Official website


Event schedule

Entries open

5 July 2021

Ballot date

20 July 2021 12:00 noon

Ballot period


Late entry surcharge

21 July 2021
Mr Bruce Edward

Event Organiser

Entries Information

Entry Fees
Include VAT. VAT Reg No: 553552246 
Send paper entries to Entries Secretary. Please make cheques payable to Kick On Events. Separate cheques required for each horse with horses name on back. Please enclose separate DL. size (22 x11cm) self-seal SAE for each horse.

Refund Policy
100% refund for entries withdrawn before ballot date. Thereafter, entries that are replaced will recieve a full refund subject to £12.00(plus VAT) admin charge (see Rule 4.11)

Entry Amendments
By 12.00 on 11.08.2020 on 01738 880245 (entries secretary)

Starting times
Will be avaliable on the website. Starting time also avaliable 18:00 - 20:00 13.08.2020 on 01738 880245.


Stabling is available locally and should be booked from our list of stabling providers which can be found at www.hopetounhorsetrials.org

Special Notices

In case of abandonement, please phone 07831 447566

All terrain vehicles/motorcycles will not be permitted, except those used by authorised Officials.

Dogs MUST be kept on leads at all times.

Entrance Policy 
Each car displaying a current BE membership card will be admitted, including all occupants. Those not displaying a pass may be charged as parking is very limited.
Visitors with Mobility restrictions should come to the Secretary's Office on arrival for information about viewing areas and safe access.

All cars must use the allocated car park and not the horsebox park.

Accommodation and Catering

Hot and Cold food available.
Accomodation list will be available on our website.

Classes table

Class Days Dressage Test Entry Fee AIP Total Late Fee Start Fee
BE80(T) Saturday TBD £63.23 £9.36 £72.59 £10.00 £17.00 Enter
BE80TC Saturday TBD £63.23 £9.36 £72.59 £10.00 £17.00 Enter
BE90 Sunday TBD £63.23 £9.36 £72.59 £10.00 £17.00 Enter
BE90Open Sunday TBD £63.23 £9.36 £72.59 £10.00 £17.00 Enter
BE90TC Saturday TBD £63.23 £9.36 £72.59 £10.00 £17.00 Enter
BE100 Sunday TBD £63.23 £9.36 £72.59 £10.00 £17.00 Enter
BE100Open Saturday TBD £63.23 £9.36 £72.59 £10.00 £17.00 Enter
I Sunday TBD £99.80 £14.77 £114.57 £10.00 £25.00 Enter
N Sunday TBD £72.90 £10.79 £83.69 £10.00 £22.00 Enter
OI Sunday TBD £99.80 £14.77 £114.57 £10.00 £25.00 Enter
OIu21 Sunday TBD £99.80 £14.77 £114.57 £10.00 £25.00 Enter
ON Sunday TBD £72.90 £10.79 £83.69 £10.00 £22.00 Enter


AIP = Abandonment Insurance Premium
Late Fee = Late Entry Surcharge Fee
Start Fee = Payable at time of entry
Days - D = Dressage, S = Show Jumping, X = Cross Country

Classes and fees


Lower limit prize money will be awarded in all classes.

Entries Summary

Class Entries
BE80(T) 2
Class Entries
BE90 1


Entry No Section Horse Rider
- - KELSEY KONCERT Bev Cheshire DP
- - BE80 HORSE ACTIVE DAY PASS Charlie Cheshire SI


Entry No Section Horse Rider
- - KELSEY KONCERT Mike Purwanan SI 4 Active RDP



Hopetoun Estate, ., Edinburgh, South Queensferry, West Lothian, United Kingdom, EH52 6PZ

Grid reference NT084785

Entries Open


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