Return to Eventing

We were delighted to announce on Friday, 19th June, the fantastic news that British Eventing has been given the green light to resume British Eventing competitions from July. We know that you will have a lot of questions about what you can expect on event when the sport returns, and we hope the following will answer these.

Our focus remains on keeping all participants safe, whilst enabling everyone to enjoy a competition experience as close to normal as we can.  We continue to work in line with current government guidance and will update protocols as restrictions change.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and support and look forward to seeing you all out eventing soon.

View our guide for Returning to Eventing HERE

Q & A

When will British Eventing resume events?

The first events due to run will be Tweseldown (3) (10-12 July), Barbury and Aske (11-12 July).

When will entries open?

We will aim to open entries to Tweseldown, Barbury and Aske from Wednesday 24 June. Ballot dates will be displayed clearly on the event schedule, but members should note that the window of time to make entries will be shorter than previously.

Where can I find the sport resumption fixtures calendar?

An up to date schedule can be found HERE. Currently, this has been updated to reflect events running in July and August. The calendar will soon be updated for September and October, but as previously stated we expect the current schedule to remain mainly unchanged.

Will the sport look different when it resumes?

Yes, British Eventing has been given the green light to resume our events based on the protocols we have in place. An overview of what to expect can be found below.

Are there guidelines in place for volunteers?

Yes, BE has provided guidance to organisers and each event will have a policy in place for their volunteers. Venues will be providing hand santiser and PPE will be provided for roles where appropriate.  Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own food and drink and briefings will be done online. Where possible it is encouraged that own equipment is used i.e. clipboards and equipment that is provided will be done so in a way to minimise contact. Whistles which are provided are to be kept by Fence Judges.  Where volunteers are from the same household or bubble, they will be able to work in pairs, otherwise volunteering roles will be separate and in line with social distancing requirements.   We would encourage anyone who has been advised that they are more vulnerable to continue to follow government advice.



You will enter online in the usual way.  You will be required to pay your start fee with your entry – this will be refunded to you after the date of competition if you do not start the competition.  Please ensure when making your entry that you tick the box and add the fee.  Your entry will not be accepted without a valid start fee being paid.

Ballot Date

The timescales between events opening their entries and their ballot date will be shorter to what members have previously experienced.  Numbers of competitors will be reduced and normal ballot procedures will apply.

Number bibs

You will also be required to print your own bib numbers and bring them with you to the event.  A template will be made available to you. Competitors can write their number on an A4 piece of paper, but it must be clearly legible.

Cross country course walking

Pre-event cross country course walking will be available as per the BE Rules.

The measures are in place to minimize contact with officials on event, but also minimizes contact via handling of paper and money.  We will continue to review all guidance from the government and update our protocols as necessary.

On Event

Owners, Grooms and Spectators

You need to ensure you know how many people are allowed to accompany you:

  • One rider and one support per horse.
  • One owner per horse / Two owners per horse if from the same household. Membership cards to be shown or NO Entry. 
  • Eventing will resume ‘behind closed doors’ without spectators.

Hat Tagging

Please contact an appropriate Steward or Information Point if you require hat tagging, which will be done in adherence to social distancing guidelines. 


You will be parked at safe distances from each other.  Current recommendations are 10m apart if there is tying up allowed on both sides of your box; 5m where tying up is on one side only, and 3m apart where there is no tying up allowed.  This allows social distancing to be maintained.  You should maintain social distancing from everyone other than those from your own household or bubble.

Passports and Numbers

You will not need to go to the entries secretary to have your vaccination record checked or to collect your number.  The vet and BE Officials on site will carry out random vaccinations checks in the horsebox park,  and so you need to still remember to have your horses’ passports with you, but you will not be required to present your passport on arrival. 

You will have already printed your rider number/s and brought them with you.

Warm up

The warm up area for each phase will be clearly marked to show the number of horses allowable in each area.  A steward will be managing this.  You will not be able to enter if it creates overcrowding.

You are expected to ride on your allocated times. If you do not do so, you risk being unable to compete.

We ask that competitors maintain social distancing when riding and, once you have finished competing, you leave the site as promptly as possible.


When events resume, we will be following strict social distancing guidelines and will be restricting the number of riders allowed in collecting rings. In order to allow the maximum number of riders in to a collecting ring, and to avoid groups gathering to take part in guided courses walks, BE80(T) and Youth Coach support will not be available at least for the start of the 2020 resumption calendar.  This will be changed only when government guidance allows us to do so. In addition, no other persons will be allowed in any warm up area.


On-event catering may be provided in line with current government guidance.

Scores and Prizes

No scoreboards or screens will be used on event and all scores will be accessed online. Formal prize-givings will not take place and any prize money that is awarded will be paid by BACS.

Awarding prize money is not mandated and, if given, it will be paid by BACS, competitors need to ensure they have emailed an Online Prize Money Claim Form to the Organiser.

Rosettes and Prizes in Kind - If awarded, will not be on event, check event policy for details of distribution.


Dogs are allowed and should be kept on leads at all times.


Media Accreditation is allowed, restricted and by prior approval. Photography and video sales will be allowed, with online sales only.

Toilets and Waste Management

Toilets will be provided, serviced and cleaned regularly. Hand santising stations will be provided and members are encouraged to take home their rubbish where possible.

Post Event

Objections & Scoring Queries

If you have a query regarding scores or have an objection these will be dealt with over the phone or by email with the BE Technical Adviser and/or BE Steward for the competition.


What is the current situation with vaccinations?

We are aware that some members will not have been able to have their horses vaccinated during lockdown. On the advice of our Chief Veterinary Officer that the risk of Equine Influenza is currently low, we will have an amnesty on the requirement for a booster within 6 months prior to the date of competition, effective from 1st July through to the end of October.

For clarity, horses competing in national classes during the 2020 season must have up to date annual vaccinations. The requirement for the horse to have had the most recent booster within the six months and 21 days prior to the competition will return for the 2021 season.

If your horse has missed the annual vaccination renewal date ( i.e. 12 calendar months after the last recorded vaccination in the passport)  then you will need to restart the course of injections again before competing. This means you need to have had a first and second vaccination within no less than 21 days of each other and 7 clear days after the second vaccination before the date of competition. 

Those competing at FEI events will require vaccinations in line with FEI requirements.


Further details on Championships and Regional Finals will be published soon.


Refunds in the case of another lockdown

Due to the ongoing dispute with the underwriters, whilst we remain of the view that the policy did cover the circumstances under which we cancelled, it is currently uncertain whether any further lockdowns would be covered under the abandonment insurance policy.  We are preparing on a ‘worst case’ scenario basis that pandemic cover will not be available, and we have therefore agreed a Pandemic Refund Policy with our organisers.   

The amount refunded by the organiser will be a minimum of 30% of the net entry fee plus any applicable VAT, up to 3 days prior to the start date of the competition.  This is only the case for a pandemic related cancellation.  Each organiser can return more money if they wish and will publish any additional refund information on their schedule.   

We would recommend that members check the Pandemic Refund Policy for each event prior to making their entry. Details of any refunds provided in excess of the minimum will be shown on their schedule on the BE website. 

If it is agreed with the underwriters that cover for future lockdowns is covered by the policy, then all refunds would be issued via the policy and the organiser will not be required to refund entries as currently proposed.

Will the start fee be refunded?

Yes, the start fee will be refunded if you do not start the event.

Further Questions?

If you have any other questions about the return to eventing, please use the Contact us form and we will provide any follow up guidance or clarification, as necessary. Further guidance will be released soon.

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