Registering a horse

In order to buy membership for a horse there are some key pieces of information that you should be aware of, and also certain pieces of documentation that you will need to provide.

Passport Details

These must be sent into the office as soon as you complete an equine registration. You can either email a copy or post a copy of the official name page (this must be the name recorded in the passport) stating the ID number and year foaled, the breeding page and the vet's diagram page. You have 28 days to do this before your horse is suspended and you will be unable to make any entries.

Foreign horses, including Irish, will need to send these details in straight away as they do not have the 28-day period. We also need a printout of the results from the country of origin if the horse is older than 5 years. You will not be able to make any entries until we have received this information. If you have an unnamed Irish passport, you need to send the passport back to Ireland in order to have the name inserted before we can accept the horse registration.


Horses can have a season ticket and passes from five years of age. Four year old horses can only compete in four year old classes and a maximum of four times in the season, including the Championship. From 1 May of each year, a four year old can enter a BE80(T) class. Four year olds can only compete on Day Passes.

Horse and pony minimum heights

The minimum height for registering a horse for eventing is 142cm without shoes. However, for BE80(T) and BE90 classes only, the minimum height that a pony can compete at is 132cm without shoes.


Your horse must have had at least the first two injections for flu before it can compete, and all booster injections must be given at intervals of no more than one year apart. Horses cannot compete on the same day as being given an injection.

For FEI competitions the horse must have its booster injections at intervals of six months, and must leave seven clear days after vaccination before stabling at an FEI event. Please see the BE Rules and Members' Handbook for full details.

Change of Ownership

You need to complete a change of ownership form before the ownership of a horse can be changed on the database. When you know you are going to purchase the horse, it is best if you take this form with you when the sale is completed.


If your horse has competed less than three times in the season due to injury, then a partial refund can be applied for. You need to send in a copy of a relevant vet's bill or letter to, and you must apply before 31 December of the year in which the season ticket was purchased. Please make sure that the vets letter includes the BE registered name of the horse, and not the stable name.


If you buy a horse with points and you want to compete it at a lower level of competition, you can apply for a downgrade. The horse cannot have won any points in the current or preceding two seasons and it can only be downgraded once. You will not be able to compete in the Mitsubishi Motors Cup Regional Finals or Championship on a downgraded horse. You must complete a downgrading form once you are the registered owner of the horse.


Further questions? If you can't find your answer here, please contact the Membership Team on 02476 698857 or