Logos on horses

Once a company has purchased a Company Supporter Membership and their logo has been approved for use, they can display their logo on horse and rider clothing and equipment during competition. 

Please note: the following sizes and restrictions should be followed; full details can be found in the Members' Handbook.

Horses - identification of sponsors on saddlery

The following apply to all three phases:

  • Any sponsor or advertising logo displayed on saddlery must be that of a Company or Supporter Member.
  • Advertising and logos must not contravene any laws, be controversial or socially undesirable or bring the sport into disrepute.
  • Such a logo may be displayed at any event other than one at which logos have been banned by the organiser as stated in their schedule.
  • No logo may be displayed which the organiser has stated in the schedule as unacceptable.
  • The design of the logo must have been approved by BE.

Dressage Phase

No advertising or publicity may be displayed on any horse while competing, other than an officially approved logo on a saddlecloth or fly fringes/ear covers.

The display of the logo is subject to:

  • The logo on a saddlecloth being contained within an area of not more than 200 sq cm (the logo can be any dimensions as long as it is within the 200 sq cm restriction; i.e. it could be 20cm long by 10cm high or 15cm by 13cm or 40cm by 5cm etc.) 
  • The logo being displayed on the bottom rear corner of a saddlecloth (one or both sides). When the national flag is displayed on the saddlecloth, the BE member's logo may be displayed above the national flag, on the offside only, when there is a team sponsor with a logo, and otherwise on both sides
  • The logo on ear covers/fly hoods being contained within an area of not more than 75 sq cm

Show Jumping Phase

As for dressage and in addition the competitor may bear the logo of his sponsor on a fly fringe subject to:

  • The logo on a fly fringe/ear covers being contained within an area of not more than 75 sq cm

Cross Country Phase

No restrictions apply to the cross country phase.

Identification of the manufacturer (Non-Sponsor) on saddlery 

Dressage and show jumping phase only: Identification of the manufacturer (non-sponsor) of saddlery may appear only once per saddlery item on a surface area not exceeding 3 sq cm.

To have company logos approved please email marketing@britisheventing.com

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