Posted on 11th March 2020

EARS update from Fiona O'Hara and Jude Matthews

A statement regarding EARS from Fiona O’Hara, Chair of the Board and Jude Matthews, BE CEO.


British Eventing's Entries, Admin, Results and Scoring system (EARS) has been in full live use now for a number of weeks. We would like to thank everyone for their feedback on their experiences of using the system and we are taking all of this feedback on board. We recognise that there are some system fixes and enhancements that need to be implemented and these are being done continuously. With such a wide group of users we also know that training and education will be required for some time to come, and we are addressing this too.

It is important that we understand the full facts so that we can identify and understand the root cause of the difficulties some of you are having. As part of this process we have invited a number of Scorers and Organisers to meet with the Executive Team and Board on Monday 16th March. Following this, we will be providing a weekly feedback loop whereby we collect feedback, identify the root cause of any difficulties, agree the required action and communicate this to you all.

I would also like to thank everyone for their support and appreciation of the staff at British Eventing and all that they are doing to assist you during this period of change- it means a lot to them.

Fiona O’Hara, Chair of the Board and Jude Matthews, BE CEO