Posted on 23rd April 2021


The purpose of the IT Programme Strategy Review is to analyse the current IT situation; fully assess the associated capabilities and risks of the IT programme; and provide recommendations to the BE Board for next steps, including a short-, medium- and long-term strategy for the direction and level of further investment.


Having completed the “assessment” work in Phase 1, and having presented a report with its recommendations to the BE Board for next steps, the Task Force is now completing the “solution” work of Phase 2.

This has three stages:  defining the future IT vision; fact-finding to determine availability in the marketplace of potential applications and services to support the vision; and developing the roadmap, using the output from the first two stages and the priorities agreed in Phase 1.

Stage 1 has been completed, and a summary of the key points developed in the Vision workshops was published on February 26.  Most of the Stage 2 work to identify potential third-party suppliers has been completed, with presentations by third party systems already available in the market.  The Stage 3 work to develop a roadmap informed by the Vision defined in Stage 1 and the availability of third-party suppliers is now underway

The next two weeks will be focused on completing the Task Force’s final report to the Board, aiming to present this to the Board by the end of April.  At its meeting on April 13, the Task Force considered a draft of the report’s Executive Summary, covering the Vision, third-party suppliers, and the roadmap. 

Click here to view the summary of that meeting on April 13, 2021.