Posted on 15th January 2021

I.T. Steering Committee update 15 January 2021

IT Steering Committee update from 6 and 12 January 2021.


The IT Steering Committee has been established as a committee of the BE Board with the stated aim “to ensure that all further work to develop and maintain the current IT systems, and consideration of any short-, medium- and long-term IT strategy, is carried out in an efficient and cost-effective manner in alignment with the strategic objectives of BE and to support the delivery of sport”.

The Committee will work closely with other BE Board Committees, working groups, advisory groups or other BE bodies (such as the EARS Working Group), drawing upon information and input, and will seek to coordinate its actions with those of the other bodies so as to avoid any duplication of effort.  

In order to achieve its aim and stated objectives, the Board asks that before taking any actions involving significant IT development work, the IT Steering Committee must be informed so as to ensure that the IT impact will be fully considered.”

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