Posted on 8th July 2021

Website Troubleshooting Tips


Here is a guide to help with our frequently asked questions




I can’t access the BE website, it won’t allow me to click on any of the links on the screen or to log in

Are you using an Iphone, Ipad or laptop with Safari set as the default browser?  If so, try switching to Chrome

When I log into the BE website, it says “You don’t have access to this page”

Click on any of the button bars and the message should disappear

I can’t open the BE Rule Book on the website

You must be registered as a member of BE, in order to access the Rule Book, but you can register for free as an “associate member”.

Once you are registered, follow these steps in order to open the Rule Book:


1.Click on My BE, Log in, add user name and password

2. You should reach a screen welcoming you

3. Ignore button bar at the top of the screen!

4. Click on picture of Rule Book on the right hand side of the screen


I set up a direct debit to renew my membership but when I tried to enter a competition the system refused to accept my entry because my membership wasn’t valid

The Direct debit mandate form is not visible   on an Apple device. Contact the head office to resolve.

I am a rider and own one of my horses along with others. I renewed my membership by direct debit, but when I tried to enter a competition, the system refused to accept my entry because my membership wasn’t valid

If you initially registered as a member of a syndicate/joint owner you will need to purchase a Full or Day Pass Membership as well as the Owner memberships are not valid for competing riders. If you already hold both memberships please contact the head office to resolve.

I own a horse with other owners and can’t register the horse/can’t renew season ticket

Is it a syndicate, or joint ownership?

If so, the person identified on the BE database as the Primary Owner is the only one who can register a horse/renew a season ticket


If it’s not a syndicate or joint ownership—check whether each owner is an active member of BE and if not update his/her membership


I own more than 5 horses/act as entries agent for more than 5 horses and when I tried to enter all of them in different classes at an event the system refused to accept my entries

You cannot enter more than 5 horses in a single transaction


Try breaking up the entries by making several entries of no more than 5 horses each

I ordered a number of season tickets but didn’t pay for all of them at that time. I later ordered new season tickets for other horses and the system took my payment, but when I tried to enter one of those other horses in a competition the system wouldn’t accept my entry

The “basket” isn’t cleared until payment is made, and then it takes payment for the earliest item first, so any tickets you previously put into the basket would have been paid for, but not the more recent ones.  Contact the head office to resolve.

I registered my horse in order to enter him an event, but the system won’t let me enter

Allow at least 30 minutes to elapse from time of registration to entry



I entered my horse in an event, but when I checked the entries for that event on my Iphone my horse wasn’t listed as entered

Try logging in and then checking the entries

I bought more than 50% of a horse recently, with the minority interest now held by the original owner.  Why does the BE database still show her as the Primary Owner?

The system does not always update primary ownership when there’s a change. Contact the head office to resolve.