Posted on 13th March 2020

Weston Park ground update

For all those members who have not made up their minds about entries, the going at Weston Park is good and the dressage area was rolled today. The new show jumping drainage has worked a treat and the team have begun to mow the cross country tracks.


The team understand that, due to the poor weather, many of you are short of canter work so the Novice cross country track is still within the rules but has been deliberately set out at a shorter distance than usual and although still a bold course the questions are straightforward.

Both the Advanced and Intermediate courses are also a little shorter than normal, with straight forward combinations plus plenty of bold up to height fences including 3 new fences on the Advanced . 

The courses are all out and just need flags and dressing. Weston Park understand that we are an early season event following a terrible winter and all of the team have done our best to build a fair track which recognises the fitness and welfare challenges faced by our equine friends.

Ballot date is next Tuesday 17th March - please get your entries in on time HERE!