12-21 Training and the U18 Programme

The 12 – 21 Training Programme has been developed to increase opportunities for all riders between the ages of 12 and 21, providing access to high quality, tailored training. It is also hoped that it will help to develop potential competitors for the BE Under 18 Regional Team Championships.

Expanding on the existing BE Under 18 Programme, the training caters for all levels from those who are new to the sport to those competing at Novice level. The aim is to boost confidence through supportive training, and help riders to achieve their future goals.

Sessions are carefully grouped based on age and ability to ensure riders get the most out of their training, and courses include unmounted talks, ridden camps, discipline-specific days and taster days, all led by our highly experienced regional Under 18 BE Accredited Coaches.

Under 18 Programme

The BE Under 18 Programme runs alongside the 12-21 Training Programme, and is divided into two levels: BE100 Open under 18 (BE100Ou18) and Open Novice under 18 (ONu18). It is designed to support riders aiming towards the BE Under 18 Regional Team Championships, which take place annually and are the pinnacle of the year for many young riders.

Registration for the Under 18 programme will allow you to compete in BE100Ou18 and/or ONu18 classes in your region, from which the results will be used to select teams for the Under 18 Regional Team Championships. Whilst the programme provides training at BE100 and Novice level to those wishing to compete, you do not need to be competing at these levels in order to register, and every Member under the age of 18 is encouraged to join in order to receive updates.

In order to compete in Under 18 classes, riders must:

  • Be in the year of their 18th birthday or younger
  • Register each horse they intend to compete separately on the programme
  • Register on the appropriate programme for the level you wish to compete at in your region(either BE100Ou18 and/or ONu18)
  • Meet the Minimum Eligibility Requirements (MERs) for BE100 and/or Novice level

Find out more about competing on the Under 18 Programme.


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The U18 Programme

Under 18 Contact

For any Under 18 queries you can also contact:

U18 Chairman - Jane Peters at jane.peters@britisheventing.com or on 07702 901007

U18 National Coach - Caroline Moore at cmoorefbhs@gmail.com or on 07702 607609

Training, education and U18 administrator