Public Benefit Statement

The Trustees have paid due regard to the Charity Commission's guidance on public benefit when establishing the aims and activities of the British Eventing Charitable Foundation (BECF).

The BECF is an organisation that is open to everyone who wishes to be involved in the sport of eventing and to amateur riders wishing to improve their knowledge and skills. The key aims and objectives of the BECF are:

  • To encourage people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to participate in the sport of eventing
  • To provide training to amateur riders of all ages that improves their riding skills as well as their safety and horse welfare
  • To promote volunteering through a series of training programmes within the sport
  • To develop and nurture the under 18 age group in the sport of eventing through the Under 18 Programme, improving rider safety, knowledge of horse welfare, sportsmanship and teamwork
  • To research, develop and implement safety initiatives

Membership is free to all, removing cost as a barrier to experiencing eventing in some form.

The BECF will hold training and education throughout the country both mounted and unmounted to develop the skills of riders and horses through affordable and subsidised training courses and coaching talks. They will also be taught how to assess risks through practical instruction and educational DVDs, encouraging them to ride safely and helping to reduce accidents and injuries. The physical training offered by horse-riding, especially eventing, brings considerable health advantages associated with rigorous exercise and fresh air. For those who do not own a horse, training will involve riding centre horses. 

The U18 Programme pays particular attention to young riders through a series of regional networks supported by voluntary coordinators. The programme ensures that these riders are supported and educated in the sport, both from the competition and training and education perspectives. Their riding skills and horse welfare knowledge are improved and they also receive support and encouragement during competitions. A regional competition is also organised which allows these riders to develop their team-working skills.

Currently, around 8,000 individuals volunteer and are involved in the sport. Opportunities will be available for them to develop key life skills, such as communication, leadership and team work which they can then take back to and hopefully gain from in other walks of life. They will also benefit from fresh air and exercise since our competitions take place in the countryside.

In conjunction with the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) and the other British Equestrian Federation (BEF) member bodies, the Trustees support the Young Equestrian Leaders Award (YELA), an initiative recognised by Sport England to develop leadership skills among young riders.

Through free use of the British Eventing website and social media we aim to raise awareness of the charity across as wide a spectrum as possible, communicating with all members of British Eventing, volunteers, officials, spectators and supporters of all equestrian sports. Information and educational videos are available as free downloads on the website, especially those relating to rider safety.

The BECF will be a committed participant in the national UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC), with the benefit of improved coaching. Instructors of all ages are accredited through this scheme each year, widening the opportunity for riders from all areas to have access to quality coaching and instruction.