Volunteering with BE

Volunteering at a BE event can take many shapes, from being on the organising committee to fence judging and dressage writing. Every job you do as a volunteer is vital and contributes significantly to the sport and all who take part. Why not try out different roles to meet new people, find out what you enjoy the most, and stay close to the sport. 

We offer many volunteer training courses, which are all completely free of charge to attend. Find out more about our volunteering roles, or take a look at our 'Tales of a BE Volunteer' videos below!

Tales from a BE Volunteer

Cross Country Steward



Darren Hunt: “This sport is great in that the people who keep a pony at the bottom of the garden can compete against the Olympians and that’s really good for the sport. It’s lovely to be a part of that and help produce a well-run event – I find it very satisfying. I love being outside. My day job is working in an office and I’m quite often stuck behind a desk for long periods of time. It’s great to be out in the fresh air. It’s also lovely to meet people – people from all walks of life.

"My role is to make sure the fence judges are in the right place when they first go out on the course in the morning. I then check on their welfare – if any of them need comfort breaks or are short of tea and coffee. I like the camaraderie between all of the volunteers and there’s always a can-do attitude. We work together to make sure the event runs smoothly and successfully.”

Fence Judge



Amanda Cotterill: “My role involves reporting on the radio every horse over the fence and warning spectators if there is a horse on track behind them. I like meeting lots of new starts – lots of young, up-and-coming riders – and enjoying the view! I do it because hopefully, in the future when my daughter gets to compete at this level, we bring new people into the sport who will give up their time to help these events run. Without the volunteers, the events can’t run. My daughter often volunteers with me – she was nominated for BE Young Volunteer of the Year and says people should do it because you’re helping friends. When you volunteer, you make lots of friends. My husband and son also come along, and they score collect on quad bikes around the grounds. We always come as a family because it’s part of our weekend together and family time is important at the weekend.”

Show Jumping Steward



Simone Cooper: “I’m show jumping steward and I get all of the competitors’ numbers down on the board and I call them in to make sure the show jumping runs smoothly and we run to time. I most enjoy meeting competitors and their parents – sometimes they are so nervous, but I can have a laugh with them to calm their nerves, which is just great and much appreciated. I love the horses, I love meeting people. I enjoy everything about eventing. If I can give help and support to other members of British Eventing then I’m happy to do it. I just love it. It’s great.”

Peter & Victoria Asprey



Peter: “We were British Eventing Fence Judges of the Year in 2016. British Eventing noticed we’d been to 35 fixtures in the 2016 season and a similar number in the 2015 season. We’ve been supporting the sport for many years. My wife has been an International groom and I followed the sport as a teenager. I’ve fence judged and helped at events since then. In eventing, you get to see sport at all levels up close. We’ve travelled as far north as Scotland and as far south as Cornwall, into Wales and out to Norfolk.”

Victoria: “Every event is unique and has something different about it that’s really good. The atmosphere at events is so great and it’s so lovely to be able to see all the different country houses.”

Volunteering Roles